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I have found two Thus certificates for 88 shares each dated 2002, also with them were 2 Thus certificates for 8 shares each dated 2006, plus two letters from Cable & Wireless Holdco Ltd. saying that this was payment for 8 shares and the amount. Why did I have two certificates each for 88 shares in 2002, then in 2006 they went down to 8 shares each?

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    Basically Thus was taken over by Cable & Wireless in 2008 for cash. Rather than investigating the ins and outs of changes prior to this you want to establish whether or not you (the shareholder) got the cash.
    I suggest you contact the registrars:

    Dissenters Register
    Equiniti Limited
    Aspect House
    Spencer Road
    BN99 6DA
    ‘Phone 0371 3842883 (10/2/19)
    The two holdings are possibly different accounts (maybe slightly differing names or even addresses).

    Try the Registrars and get back to me if you get stuck.

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