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  • Hi. I purchased shares in QXL.COM back in 2000 through the online trading company SHAREPEOPLE (which I believe was brought out by American Express). Can anyone shed any light on what happened to QXL? Think maybe it was bought out?.. and who would I contact to sell these shares? Any help/advise would be really appreciated
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    You may be interested in the back story of QXL, one of the Dot.com boom’s many tech players. If so, I suggest you read this article:


    If not just jump to my final paragraph and follow the instructions.
    History of QXL:
    QXL became QXL Ricardo.
    QXL Ricardo changed name to Tradus Plc
    Tradus de-listed
    Cash offer for Tradus by MIH Internet B.V.
    The cash offer, which I believe was £18 per share was done by way of a Scheme of Arrangement in March 2008.
    The significance of a Scheme is that it is sanctioned by a Court and does not require a signed acceptance by the shareholders.
    If a shareholder moves address without informing the company registrar then they will end up as a Dissenting Shareholder.
    If this is the case then you need to contact the Registrars and see if you are on the Tradus Dissenters register. If so you should be able to claim your entitlement.
    The registrars are:
    UK callers: 0371 384 2030
    International callers: +44 121 415 7047


    Let me know how you get on.

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