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I am looking for help please! I’ve just unearthed some old share certificates that I am unsure are still valid. The first is for  Marconi plc ordinary shares dating back to 2001-2004. The last letter I have from them is 2005.

The second is for mmO2 plc, again dating back to 2004.

Can anyone tell me if these certificates are still valid??


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    I am pretty certain Marconi has no value. Quite a chequered history but the original Marconi went into liquidation. A new company was formed as Marconi Corporation and they were taken over by Telent in 2006 and then delisted as a private company in 2007, as they still are.

    If you have any old certificates you are welcome to send photocopies to the Shareworld contact and we will be able to help you out.

    MMO2 could have some value. Go to this link on Shareworld, or ring the registrars, Equiniti, a ring.

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