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I have a share certificate for MV Sports that is dated Feb 2000, I am just wondering if it has it any value, how would I go about finding this out? And if it turns out that the shares do have some value how would I be able to redeem the certificate? Would I need to contact the registrar? If so do you know their details?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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    ANSWER 11th August 2016

    MV Sports were acquired by Tandem Group in April 2003. Tandem Group (TND.L) are currently (11th August 2016) around £1 a share.

    I am pretty sure you will not have one share in Tandem for every one share in MV.

    In fact I believe there was a 1:10 consolidation, which means you will have a tenth of the number of Tandem shares relative to the number of shares you held in MV.

    Therefore I would check your holding, and the validity of old certificates, with the company Registrars: Capita Asset Services The Registry 34 Beckenham Road Beckenham Kent BR3 4TU Tel: +44 8716640300

    The registrars will tell you what to do to get the Tandem Group shares.

    Any problems contact me through our contact page.

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    MV Sports is a supplier of outdoor toys, bicycles etc. They market their products with the use of children’s TV characters such as Thomas the Tank and many others.

    They are still going strong as a subsidiary of Tandem Group.

    Tandem Group have similar products and their cycles division owns the famous British bike brands of Claude Butler and Dawes.

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