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Does anyone know where I could find insider trading data of companies listed in London Stock Exchange ? I would preferably need data of 2000-2017.

I tried to search information about Regulatory News Service (RNS), but apparently it is not for public use, right ?

Thanks !

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    The RNS (Regulatory News Service is a platform where companies or individuals are able to disseminate information in a timely manner. The RNS announcements are readily available on (most) trading platforms (example Proquote, now Iress).

    How you would get them in bulk I have no idea (there are millions of them).

    Also what do you mean by Inside Information?

    The term covers a variety of situations. Before information is released via RNS then the information is possibly ‘inside’.

    Perhaps you would explain exactly what sort of information you are after.

    Let’s say a company is having a fund-raise. That info would be inside and certain people would legitimately be in possession of that information. Who, why & when people are made inside must be strictly chronicled by those disseminating it.

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