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FOW Investment Calendar 2020

The FOW Investment Calendar 2020 is still recognised as the UK’s leading source of company announcement dates and other important stock market information. The only desktop calendar for everyone who works with or follows the UK equities market, the Investment Calendar has been refined to provide over 90 pages of vital market information which are unavailable in any other single source.

Updated 13th September 2019.

2020 investment calendar


Single calendar price: £24.37 (including VAT and UK delivery)

NOTE: For orders over 10 calendars, please contact us here or you will not receive your bulk discount.

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The investment calendar for 2020 is packed with more useful information than ever before, as you will see from the table of contents below (Please note the table of contents is an estimate of the information included and there may also be additional information in the 2020 calendar).

The investment calendar is the idle companion for your desk and not only provides you with an easy reference point for checking dates, appointments and keeping reminders for yourself but it also provides so many useful facts and figures for the financial year ahead. It looks stunning when sitting out on your desk and also makes for an interesting talking point when you have clients in for meetings and discussions.

As well as being a very useful addition to your own desk the investment calendar for 2020 is also an ideal gift to send out to your cherished clients as a thank-you gift and one they will undoubtedly keep on their desk for the full year. The great thing about the calendar, in addition to being a great and high quality gift, is that it can also be personalised with your company logo and contact information (Only available when ordering on or before October 1st 2018). This allows the 2020 investment calendar to act as an advertisement and helps to keep you and your company in the mind of your client on a daily basis.


Contents of the Investment Calendar 2020 edition at a glance

General Notes 2
UK Listed Companies in alphabetical order 3
FTSE4GOOD UK 50 Index 18
FTSE techMARK 100 Index 19
LIFFE Equity Options contracts 20
FTSE 100 AGM Dates 2020 21
Major Registrars 23
Industry Associations and Regulatory Bodies 24
Euromoney Institutional Investor Businesses Websites 25
Principal Concessions to Shareholders 27
Gilt-Edged Stock 35
Selected Leading Sterling Corporate Bonds 36
Rolling Settlement Chart 37
FTSE All Share Index (chart) 39
FTSE 100 Index (graph) 41
FTSE 100 Share Index, FTSE 250 Index and FTSE Small Cap (graph) 43
Comparative Market Performance (UK, USA and Japan)(graph) 45
USA Dow Jones Industrials Index (graph and Constituents) 47
Japan Nikkei Index (graph) 49
Capital Gains 2019/2020 51
Retail Price Index – statistics 53
Corporation Tax 54
State Benefits 54
Value Added Tax 54
Stamp Duty Land Tax 54
Income Tax for 2019/2020 55
Inheritance Tax for 2019/2020 58
Economic Statistics 60
Retail Price Index (graph) 63
Interest Rate Trend Lies (graph) 65
US Dollar/Sterling (graph) 67
Japanese Yen/Sterling (graph) 69
Euros to Sterling (graph) 71
Gold Price (graph) 73
This Year’s Events 75
2020 and 2021 Public Holidays 79
2020 Exchange Holidays 80
2020 Calendar 85
2021 Calendar 86
Preview of calendar page



NOTE: Front cover image and table of contents are subject to change until date of publishing.

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